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We have Championship standard woolen grade pool table felt in a variety of colors and styles at affordable prices. 75% Wool, 25% Nylon Fabric Content
Available in 40 Colors 21 Oz Fabric Weight.
Purchase your modern pool table from a, and pay factory pricing. Choose from a wide selection of Modern billiard tables at the best lower pricing.
Each pool table is carefully handcrafted using 100% solid maple or oak wood. Beautiful leather matching shield or fringe pockets, mother-of-pearl diamond sites,
BCA approved K-66 100% natural gum rubber profile cushions. We use a 3-piece 1” slate with an advanced ¾” hardwood slate backing frame.



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We offer the largest selection of custom felt for the billiard pool table. Let us create your own custom felt at any color and quality choose on the standard or tournament cloth
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Centennial Cloth is woven with 100% luxurious Merino wool weave imbedded with DuPont™™ Teflon® fabric protector* that safeguards the cloth and table from
occasional spills. At 23 oz. of fabric per linear yard vs. 19 oz. per linear yard from competitive brands, Centennial Cloth lasts up to 60% longer than competitive wool
cloth. Centennial Cloth is built to withstand the rigorous use of both the beginning and advanced pool player.
DuPont™™ Teflon® fabric protector is incorporated into the cloth fibers, protecting your investment without impacting play. Optimal speed-of-play is achieved through
an exclusive 5-step finishing process, including vacuum decating. This process allows our cloth to be thicker while providing both durability and speed. Endorsed by
BCA Hall of Fame Member and WPBA Professional Ewa Mataya Laurance.
Refined Style
Available in 14 stunning colors to personalize your taste and style. Centennial Merino wool weave cloth does not pill or shed, maintaining a clean, sleek playing surface.
Each piece of cloth is 100% hand-inspected at least four times during manufacturing, ensuring consistent quality and finish.


Simonis cloth: The best value in billiard cloth, period! Simonis cloth is globally regarded as the best product of its kind. Why? Cloth is one of the most functional parts of
your table. After all, the pool balls roll on the cloth, not the slate. Simonis cloth demonstrates its functional superiority by never interfering with the true roll of the
ball, which allows every table covered in SImonis cloth to play better. Manufacturing superior quality cloths since 1680, Simonis has been and remains the reference
standard for quality billiard cloth. You can rest assured that Simonis will remain at the forefront of billiard cloth manufacturing and technology, and will
continue to provide the world with the truest playing cloth for pool, carom, snooker, pyramid or any other cue-sport game! Simonis Cloth. A Complete Product. The
true reference standard for accuracy, consistency & durability The only cloth that enhances your enjoyment of the game A modern company built on over three
centuries of experience Environmentally responsible manufacturing practices The best value in pool, carom, snooker or pyramid cloth! Brand recognition and loyalty second to none..

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