Los Angeles Pool Table

Go ahead, ask around: from seasoned pool players to the occasional dabbler, there is a general consensus about the best kind of pool table. Slate is crème de la crème of construction materials for pool tables. Although many Los Angeles pool tables are made out of wood, for a truly straight, accurate ball roll there is no better option than slate.

But a pool table's playing surface is made of felt, you say? True; the actual surface on which the ball rolls is, in fact, felt. The part of the table that is (or should be) made of slate is the bed, the part that sits underneath the felt but on top of the actual table body. Because the bed of the table is the part across which the ball will roll, it is imperative that it be flat and level. Any variance in this will cause the ball to go off course, and in a game where every millimetre counts, you want to ensure every ball has the best chance possible of getting where it needs to go.

Be a straight shooter! A good-quality Los Angeles pool table will afford you and your friends consistently straight shots, whereas synthetic substitutes can easily result in warps, dips, and other problems over time which will not occur in pool tables featuring slate bed. Slate is very strong and will stand the test of time and use, even by the most avid player.

Bear in mind that wear and tear on a table is not just a matter of how much it is used; as already mentioned, the elements can have an adverse effect on a pool table even when it is not in use. Beds made of materials other than slate will warp and dip, generally the result of succumbing to environmental factors, such as changes in temperature and humidity. This vulnerability makes non-slate Los Angels pool tables much less likely to last a lifetime than one made with a slate bed, so if you plan to keep your pool table for many years it is worth investing the extra money in a slate-bed table.

Now, although we have spent all of this time singing the praises of slate for your Los Angeles pool table, there is one caveat: Slate is very, very heavy. It is this weight and durability that make slate a superior choice, but the weight of slate is also something to consider when purchasing a pool table. You will usually need to ensure that the floor on which you intend to place the pool table can withstand the significant weight, and you must also take the weight into consideration when thinking about the possibility of having to move the table to another location.

There you have it: Slate is the ideal material for the bed of a pool table. If you can afford the extra money, it will definitely be worth the investment in the long run, when you are enjoying a game of pool with your grandchildren.

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