Modern Pool Table

Choosing the right modern pool table light fixture is an important decision. Choose the right one, and your pool table will be the star of a well-appointed, cohesive room. Make the wrong choice, however, and the focus will be on the out-of-place light fixture, not on the pool table or the rest of the room. The goal is to make the pool table a feature of the room, neither an afterthought nor a standout at the expense of the rest of your room.

Modern pool table lighting options run the gamut from traditional to designer. Whatever the look you are after, whether you want something in wood, glasses, metal, brass, etched glass or brushed metal, there is an option for every d├ęcor. A popular style for many billiard rooms is the Tiffany style lamps with coloured glasses shades.

The purpose of pool table lighting is to illuminate the playing surface of the pool table so as to provide optimal visibility when shooting from a typical playing distance. Generally, modern pool table fixtures are designed to hang over the middle of the pool table. Before choosing a light fixture it is important to ensure you are getting the right size (and, in some cases, number) of fixture(s) for your particular situation.

Bear in mind that modern day pool table lights are used day and night, to provide consistent visibility for players no matter what the external lighting is. For that reason, they need to be able to withstand constant heat from their bulbs, and it is therefore important to choose a fixture made of durable material. Moreover, the light from a pool table fixture needs to be strong enough to provide good visibility but not so bright as to put undue strain on the players' eyes during the game. Qualified pool table accessories dealers can assist you in choosing the right kind of lighting for your needs.

In terms of price, modern pool table lighting options can vary greatly, from just a few dollars to several thousands of dollars. The variance in price is due to factors such as the size of the pool table you have, the lighting conditions in the room (an upper-floor room versus a basement, for example), and the kind of materials used to make the light fixtures.

Before purchasing a pool table light, keep a few things in mind. First, consider the height of the ceiling where you intend to hang the light. Also, bear in mind the size of the room in which you want to hang it - a pool table light should never hinder the movement of a pool cue, so don't hang it in such a way that the players have to move awkwardly to gain a well-lit position.

It is recommended that modern pool table lights not feature transparent shades; these cast too stark a light on the table. Instead, opt for shades made of metal, stained, coloured, or opaque glasses, or other options that diffuse the light in an eye-friendly way. Opt for fixtures that feature multiple lights, rather than a single-bulb fixture, which could end p creating an "interrogation room" feeling. Although the light from a single light is sharper, it is much more harsh than the soft glow given off by multiple lights.

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