Solid Wood Pool Table

BA Billiards offers an array of billiards and pool tables at the most cost-effective prices available anywhere. Customers purchasing a solid wood pool table from BA Billiards will only pay factory prices. Each of the solid wood pool table products from BA Billiards is beautifully handcrafted using 100 percent maple or oak wood and lovely leather matching shield or fringe pockets, mother of pearl diamond sites and BCA approved K-66 100 percent natural gum rubber profile cushions. American-made billiard felt Forstmann Fabric 22oz is available in a choice of thirty-eight colors to match every d├ęcor. BA Billiards is licensed and insured and offers a complete professional billiards table service which includes the solid wood pool table assembly. A professional representative of BA Billiards will go to the customer's home or business, assemble and level the new solid wood pool table with precision for optimum playing.

The price for the solid wood pool table includes delivery and professional same-day assembly throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange County, Palm Springs, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Bakersfield. BA Billiards advises customers not to attempt to move the solid wood pool table themselves as this might damage the precision level. BA Billiards will perform a complete table inspection while dismantling the table and move it from one room to another or from one city to another location and re-level it. BA Billiards will dismantle the customer's solid wood pool table with expertise and the bumpers and side rails will be removed and the felt inspected and carefully removed for re-use at the new relocation destination. The solid wood pool table parts will be bagged and wrapped and marked for reassembly. If the solid wood pool table is scheduled to be shipped, BA Billiards will build and pack the parts into individual crates for safer transportation. BA Billiards offers a valued maintenance and service for the customer's solid wood pool table and any repairs can be accomplished at the customer's home location. BA Billiards will repair or replace the customer's old pool table pockets. If the pockets need to be replaced, BA Billiards can offer a range of standard or many customized styles. If the bumper cushions need to be renewed, BA Billiards will strip the old rubber from the solid wood pool table rails and replace with new rubber and felt for better action and table play.

When a solid wood pool table needs recovering, BA Billiards will use premium grade 22oz cloth chosen from a variety of colors. The old felt will be removed and re-felting of the rails and/or the playing surface of the pool table applied. A complete table check and re-level service is performed. Customers may prefer to have the Simonis and spill-proof deluxe upgrade felt cloth used when recovering the solid wood pool table and this material is available at an additional charge. BA Billiards warrants each table against defective materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the table with the original purchaser and will be responsible for repair and replacement of cabinet legs, interior framing, and hardware.

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